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Published on May 6th, 2007 | by Kieran


Broadband, My Kingdom for Broadband

Anyone who knows me has heard me complain about the state of my broadband connection. Currently I am with a wireless provider who is charging me €40 for a 512 / 128 K connection. I had massive problems with it when it was first installed about 2 years ago (they were the only provider at the time) and thankfully it settled down and proved to be relatively reliable.

Unfortunately, I have been experiencing massive latency and service outages and have become so annoyed I have decided to go for a new provider, UTV Internet who for €5 less will give me a 3072 / 384K connection.

All I need now is a DSL modem and it’s goodbye to my old provider and hello to a decent broadband connection (I hope)…

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