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RightFax Express and OpenText Fax Gateways Visio Stencils

Here is the latest version of the Visio stencils I created for the RightFax Express devices and the current OpenText Fax Gateways.

The stencil contains the following devices:

RightFax Express – 2 Channel Analog (Desktop)
RightFax Express – 4 Channel Analog (Desktop)
RightFax Express – 8 Channel Analog (Desktop)
RightFax Express – 2 Channel BRI (Desktop)
RightFax Express – 4 Channel BRI (Desktop)
RightFax Express – Digital (Desktop)
RightFax Express – FoIP / Customer Gateway (Desktop)
RightFax Express – Back
OpenText Fax Gateway 904 (Desktop & Rackmount)
OpenText Fax Gateway 908 (Desktop & Rackmount)
OpenText Fax Gateway 904/908 Back (Desktop & Rackmount)
OpenText Fax Gateway 2100 (Desktop & Rackmount)
OpenText Fax Gateway 2100 Back (Desktop & Rackmount)

File Name: OTFaxGateways-RightFaxExpress.vssx
Version: 1.1
File Size: 568Kb
Date Updated: 05 August 2014

Here is a quick preview of the devices contained in the stencil.

rightfax-express-desktops-lg opentext-fax-gateways-lg

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