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Transmission Error When Sending Large Faxes

You may encounter Transmission errors when sending or receiving faxes longer than 30 pages when using a Dialogic BrookTrout TR1034 fax card. This is caused by a setting on where the maximum number of pages to set to 30 pages and is easily changed.

If you are using RightFax, open Enterprise Fax Manager and double click on the RightFax DocTransport Module.

  • Expand Brooktrout
  • Click on your fax card TR1034+XX-XX
  • Click the Configure BrookTrout button
  • Expand Brooktrout (Boston Host Service – Running)
  • Click on BTCall Parameters (All boards)

Change value in the Maximum Number of Pages from 30 to an acceptable value for your environment.

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3 Responses to Transmission Error When Sending Large Faxes

  1. Tom says:

    Just talking about this yesterday! incredible. A for the Max, is there a threshold recommended?


    • Kieran says:

      Depends on how many pages you want to send. Theoritcally there is no limit, however RightFax will only be able to send 999 pages in a single fax. Anything over 999 pages will be split into multiple faxes.

      • Tom says:

        Going to set it to 100, requestor thinks maybe 50-75 at the outside but was going for a little leg-space on that figure. Will be keeping actual figure under wraps or they will take the proverbial mile. Cheers K,


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