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Easy Way to Create a Windows 8 / Windows 2012 Bootable USB

More often than not, laptops, PCs and servers are coming without a DVD or CD drive or you need to install an Windows from an ISO. You can use utilities such as Diskpart, however Microsoft have a really useful tool called the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool which does everything for you. It even gives you the option to make a bootable USB or DVD.

So far I have used this tool for to create bootable USB keys for:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 2008
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 2012
As most Microsoft Windows ISOs are over 3Gb in size, you will need a minimum of a 4Gb USB key.

Simply download the tool from the Microsoft Store and follow these simple steps:

      1. Plug your USB key into your computer and run the tool. Click the Browse button.
      2. Locate the ISO of the version of Windows you wish to install, and click OK. Then click Next.
      3. Now you can choose between a USB Device or a DVD. Click USB device.
      4. Select drive assigned to your USB Key and click Start Copying.
      5. If your USB Key is not empty, you may receive a warning. Click OK.
      6. If your USB Key is not empty, you may receive another warning about formatting. Click Yes to confirm.
      7. The utility will now format the USB key and copy the ISO. Once complete, it will show Status: Backup Complete.


As usual, here are a few screenshots of the process

01-windows-7-usb-dvd-tool-step-1 02-windows-7-usb-dvd-tool-step-1a 03-windows-7-usb-dvd-tool-step-2 04-windows-7-usb-dvd-tool-step-3 05-windows-7-usb-dvd-tool-step-3a 06-windows-7-usb-dvd-tool-step-3b 07-windows-7-usb-dvd-tool-step-4 08-windows-7-usb-dvd-tool-step-complete


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