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Apple Headphones Shortcuts

I am always listening to music so it is no surprise that one of the main things I love about the iPhone is the iPod / Music function. I have a few sets of headphones with the inline remote / mic with a single button. I have always know that you can press the button once to start music playing and press it again to make it stop, but recently I have found that different combinations can do different things.

So I have put together a few useful headphone shortcuts. Apart from the shortcuts relating to answering and ending phonecalls they should all work on the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

When there is an incoming call

  • Press Once to answer the call
  • Press Twice to send the call to voicemail
  • Press and Hold to decline the call

While on the call

  • Press Once to hang up the call

When you are playing Music

  • Press Once to start / stop / resume music playing
  • Press Twice while music is play to skip to next track
  • Press Three Times to rewind / go back to the previous song
  • Press Twice and Hold fast forwards the track

Then, at anytime

  • Press and Hold to activate voice recognition

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